The Earth in Vision Team

Joe Smith was at the time of the project Professor of Environment and Society in the Geography department of The Open University, and his research there focused on environmental history, policy and politics. Since May 2018 Joe has been Director of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). He has designed and facilitated numerous seminars for environment specialists and senior media decision makers since the mid 1990s, and advised on over 30 hours of BBC broadcasting. Joe led two AHRC funded projects: ‘Earth in Vision’ (50 years of environment in broadcasting) and ‘Stories of Change’ (opening up the public conversation about energy transitions). He is also a Director of Smith of Derby, a 165-year-old public clock-making company.

George Revill  is Senior Lecturer in cultural geography at The Open University.  His writing concerns geographies of music, sound and landscape. He is Co-Investigator for the AHRC-funded project ‘Earth in Vision: pathfinding in digital broadcast environmental archives’, and Principal Investigator for the AHRC funded project ‘Listening to Climate Change: experiments with sonic democracy’.

Kim Hammond  is a cultural geographer who has managed and researched on a number of AHRC-funded projects based in the Department of Geography at The Open University, including: ‘Stories of Change’ and ‘Earth in Vision’. She is currently working on a project  led by George Revill: ‘Listening to Climate Change’. Kim brings to these projects expertise and knowledge gained from her first career as an environmental scientist and her more recent engagement with the cultural dimensions of environmental change. She has published both as a scientist and a cultural geographer. She led the ‘Earth in Vision’ multimedia ebook team, and is author of the David Attenborough ebook.