Exploring the BBC archives of environment themed television and radio programmes from the last 7 decades, we have been working in the BBC’s paper archives of files related to programmes and policies, and we have also filmed nearly thirty full length interviews with media producers, from icons such as Sir David Attenborough and Desmond Morris, to up and coming digital natives who are drawing on new forms of web based social media to share their work. This collection of interviews represents an important historical collection in its own right, as well as a powerful resource for anyone wanting to make or think about environmental media.

Three Unique Ebooks

Ebook 1

Earth in Vision: 60 Years of Environmental Change on the BBC

Earth in Vision: 60 years of environmental change on the BBC examines television’s role in shaping the understanding of global environmental issues.

Author: Joe Smith.

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Ebook 2

Lives in a Landscape:
Imagining British Landscape at the BBC

The book examines the ways in which BBC programming produces and reproduces ideas of British landscape.

Author: George Revill.

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Ebook 3

David Attenborough: Making Natural History

This book is still in preparation.

Author: Kim Hammond.

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